• Our Infant Center Staff
    Director: Ms. Stephanie Holt
    Ms. Stephanie graduated from California State University, Fresno with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Child and Family Studies.  She also holds a Program Director Permit through the state of California.  She has 4 creative, sweet and inquisitive children.  She's worked at St. Patrick School since 2006 and loves watching children grow and laugh!
    Assistant Director: Ms. Calista Dunn
    Ms. Calista has worked for St. Patrick School for 7 years.  She has an AS in Child and Family Studies from Napa Community College and loves working with children.
     Mrs. Sara Azam
    Ms. Sara has been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 26 years and has 3 talented children.  She speak 3 different languages and is also a culinary instructor.
    Ms. Megan Pierce
    Ms. Megan has been apart of the St. Patrick School for 6 years and received an AS degree in Allied Health from DVC.  She loves working with babies and you can also find her in the EDC room in the mornings with the TK-8th grade kids.
    Mrs. Kacie Castellano
    Ms. Kacie has worked for St. Patrick School for 7 years and has 2 wonderful children.  She is currently working to complete an AS in Early Childhood Education with plans to transfer to a University. 
    Mrs. Reina Moreno
    Ms. Reina graduated frim San Francisco State with a BA in Child Adolescent Development with an emphasis on the Young Child.  She also completed her Masters in Child Development from the University of Phoenix.  She has 2 girls and has been working at St. Patrick School for 4 years.
    Mrs. Tracie Larson
    Ms. Tracie has worked with children for over 32 years.  She has 3 children and is currently working on completing her 15 units in ECE.
     Ms. Juleah Lantican
    Ms. Juleah received a BA in Consumer and Family Studies with an emphasis on Children and Families.  She has worked for St. Patrick School for 3 years.
    Mrs. Jaqueline Clark
    Ms. Jackie has an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Contra Costa College.  She holds a Teaching Permit with the state of California and has taught in the Early Childhood field for over 25 years.  She has worked with St. Patrick School for 2 years.
    Ms. Icela Villeda
    Ms. Icela graduated from California State University, Chico with a BA in Child Development and a minor in Psychology.  She also hold a Site Supervisor Permit from the state of California.  She has worked at St. Patrick School since 2018 and loves teaching the children Spanish.
    Ms. Sunny Bonheur
    Ms. Sunny has completed 15 units in ECE and continues her education at her local community college.  She's worked with children for 7 years and has been at St. Patrick School since 2018.
    Ms. Nikki Bellez
    Ms. Nikki has a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from California State University, East Bay.  This is Ms. Nikki's first year as a teacher at St. Patrick School, but she is also an alumni.