Project Pi

    Research and select an approved Raspberry Pi Project.  Utilizing a modified Scientific Method, create an exhibition that answers the question: how can this project be used in the real world?


    Students will use various coding techniques to implement the functions of a Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi introduces students into the world of coding using command lines and coding languages, such as Python.  Each student will use online resources and teacher guidance to create a Raspberry Pi demo.  


    The Raspberry Pi is an open source device that allows users to develop diverse uses for the microcomputer.  From powering on fans automatically to photo displays, the Raspberry Pi’s potential is endless as people all around the world are finding innovative uses everyday at a very low cost.  The Raspberry Pi comes with no operating system. Therefore, the user has control over what program to use as the base for their project.  The materials required for powering and coding for a RasPi can be found throughout most households, making it the most accessible device in the world.

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