• Loretta Airoldi

    I have been on staff at Saint Patrick School since 2003. I have had many different tasks, all of which I have enjoyed.  Teaching the art program has been very enjoyable for many reasons.  I have always had an interest in art and I absolutely love working with the children at Saint Patrick School, not only are they fun but they are creative.  I've always thought a Catholic education supports the family values at home.  I have had two of my own children attend Saint Patrick School.  My husband and I have always felt that a Catholic education was like paying an insurance premium for the future success of our children.  Students and alumni of St. Patrick School, you are our future! You are becoming a responsible citizen and you are going to be awarded stewardship of this great world. Think of all those people who are behind your success, especially your parents for making your Catholic Education possible.  Never forget to thank them!