• Areas of Study

    How do artist's use the elements and principles as tools for artistic expression?

    How does artwork reflect an artist’s belief and values?

    How can artists call attention to social issues?

    How do ideas inherented in artwork provoke, entertain, and challenge the status quo?

    What role does art play in ethnic culture?

    How do people compare very different artwork?

    How do personal experiences influence the way people respond to art?

    How might we come to understand an artist’s intent through the analysis of his or her work?

    How do artists choose their media?

    How are artists influenced by their experiences, emotions, ideas and culture?

    How are works that originate from the same time and place similar?

    How do historical and cultural contexts influence how art is made and interpreted?

    Why do artists create?

    How are artists influenced by other artists and ideas?

    How do artists work in collaboration?

    Why do artists engage in critical response?