• Aloha from the St. Patrick School Kindergarten





    Hi Everyone!


    I am so excited about the upcoming school year!!!  Since I taught summer school,  I was lucky enough to meet and develop a relationship with 21 of my new Kindergarteners.  I love them, and I can hardly wait to get to know the rest of you!  Thanks so much to those of you who attended the "Kinder Play Date" on August 14th.  It was a great turnout and I really enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with some of you and to get to know the new students and families a little bit better.  I had a wonderful  time and I hope you did as well! Meeting your children just made me that much more excited to be their teacher!  They were so cute!!!  I'm really looking forward to developing a relationship with all of you too!  Looking forward to a fantastic year with all of your Kindergarten cuties! :)



    Mrs. Smith