• Welcome to St. Patrick School!


    Founded by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1956, St. Patrick School provides a quality Catholic Education for children in Rodeo, Hercules, and Crockett. We offer a Pre-School and Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth grade curriculum, and are committed to excellence in 21st century Catholic education. Visit our website and learn about St. Patrick School and all we have to offer your child.


    Keep in mind the following key factors about Catholic education:


    Accessibility is key to any Catholic school.  We want to make sure that St. Patrick School is open to all who desire a high quality Catholic education regardless of your station in life. One of our most enduring strengths is our great diversity. We are home to many different cultures, families from varying socio-economic positions and to those who do not share the Catholic faith. All are welcome! As a Catholic school we celebrate our catholicity with all who enter our doors.


    Affordability may be a stumbling block for those choosing a non-public school. At St. Patrick School we are determined to open our doors to all who desire a Catholic education for their child. For those who qualify, there are several sources of tuition assistance available. First, the school itself makes grants available to qualifying families through our Tuition Assistance Program, known as TAP. There are also two main outside sources of assistance as well, the BASIC Fund available to all new families and FACE, Family Aid for Catholic Education made available by the Oakland Diocese. All tuition assistance programs are needs based.


    Finally, and most importantly, we are an excellent academic institution committed to 21st century education. We believe that our students must be prepared for the world in which they live and that is why we create a collaborative, innovative, technology-rich curriculum that challenges our students to reach beyond their potential. In the 2010-2011 school year, we fully implemented our one to one laptop program in the middle school grades. Each student in grades 6, 7, and 8 is given access to a computer for use at school in each of our Middle School classrooms.  We have an additional 40 computers available to students in grades K-5 in our main school Computer Lab and 3 iPad labs that are shared. To continue to remain on the cutting edge in the technology program, students learn to code from grades K-8 and each having Engineering Projects that connect science with real life learning. This provides students with the chance to develop skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.


    Please feel free to contact me for a personal tour of the school. I would love to meet you and tell you much more about St. Patrick School!


    Kelly Stevens