• Welcome to the Resource Room


    Learning is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught.”*

    The purpose of the Academic Development Room is the support and enhancement of the learning endeavors of all of the students here at St. Patrick School.  

    Student services in the AD Room will be based on classroom teacher evaluation, objective assessment using the Renaissance Star Program, as well as coordinated partnership with parents through the Student Study Team process. 

     Learning involves goal setting, repetition, coaching,  engagement of all the senses in unison or in tandem in order to bring about a successful, anchored outcome.  We all know that if you wish to dance you must practice dancing.  If you wish to improve math skills you must practice math. If you wish to improve reading skills you must practice reading. All increases in knowledge and or skill advancement require a process of persistent repetition.

    The cooperative, collaborative, dedicated realization of all the teachers and the parents through the School Board brought about recognition of the need for an Academic Development Room targeted to assist students to potentiate academic success at any grade level. Promoting student acquisition of skills that will facilitate transitions to the unknown requirements and questions of tomorrow’s world is the endeavor of all academic institutions.