• Tuition and Financial Aid


    TUITION ANNUAL RATE (divided over 10 months)

    One CHILD - $6,860
    Two CHILDREN - $11,480
    Three or more - $15,010


    Sibling Discount for Preschool:

    A $500.00 discount is given to families who have a sibling in the Pre-school or Infant Care Program.  Pre-school and Infant Care students must be enrolled full-time, full year in order to qualify.  Families who are already receiving a sibling discount at the school do not qualify for an additional discount.


    Registration Fee:

    The registration fee ($300.00) is payable at the time of registration.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  No places in the school will be held without registration fees paid at the time of registration. 


    Graduation Fee:

    There is a required classroom fee for eighth grade students that helps defray the cost of diplomas, gowns, the purchase of class awards, and graduation other expenses.


    Testing Fee:

    A non-refundable testing fee of $25.00 is due with application.


    Mandatory Fundraising Policy:

    There is a mandatory fundraising policy that applies to each family.  Each family must sell a minimum of  $300.00 in Raffle Tickets.  Special donated services, Matching Funds, and purchases made during the “Live” portion of the annual auction may count toward the $300.00 family obligation by special approval of the Principal.  All fundraising dollars are due March 15th.                                                  

    Fundraising runs from the first day of school – March 17. There are no roll-overs from year to year on fundraising totals.  Donated services to a fundraiser that would otherwise be an expense to the fundraiser may count toward a portion of a families service hours (i.e. DJ services) with principal approval. 



    School and Diocesan financial aid programs are available for families who qualify.

    Diocesan Elementary School Family Aid for Catholic Education (FACE) – The Diocese of Oakland offers Family Aid for Catholic Education.  Applications can be picked up in the bookkeepers offices in February.  Applications are due in early March and must be submitted through the school.


    2018-19 application (http://www.psas.org/FACE.aspx.)


    BASIC Fund and Independent Scholarship  - New families needing financial assistance should apply for a BASIC Fund or Independent Scholarship. These scholarships are specifically for families new to private education.  Families should apply directly to these organizations no later than mid-March. BASIC (http://basicfund.org/how-to-apply/)/Independent Scholarship (http://www.independent.org/students/isf/apply.asp).


    Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) – Each year the School Board and PTG set aside funds to help families experiencing sudden and unforeseen financial hardships.  These families may apply for a TAP scholarship. Applications can be picked up from the school bookkeeper and must be returned by May 15th.


    TAP must be applied for annually based on need.  Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.