After School Programs

  • After school activities are a vital part of school life. School rules apply at all times during after school activities. If a child is participating in an after school activity they must first check in at Day Care in order to ensure we know who is on campus. The adult who is responsible for the school related activity will sign out students from day care and return them to day care within five minutes after the activity is finished if they are not picked up by a parent.


    Student Government

    St. Patrick Student Government promotes leadership, school unity and spirit. All students are members. The government officers meet at lunch time and are responsible for the monthly student body assemblies, and Student Government sponsored events; such as Spirit Days, Clean-up Days and Catholic Schools Week.


    Instrumental Music

    St. Patrick School offers small group instruction in Piano. There is a monthly fee and some scholarship monies are available. Students meet after school for instruction time. Students who participate in this music perform at school several times a year.


    Ukulele Club

    Students in grades 6-8 can participate in Ukulele Club.  This activity introduces students to the basics of playing chords and strumming.  Students perform at school and community functions.


    Glee Club

    Glee Club is open to 3-5 graders who wish to put their singing talents to use.  Students learn songs from a variety of genres, and participate in a mini musical in the Fall.


    Liturgy Band and Choir

    Students in grades 6-8 can participate in Liturgy Band and Choir.  Students help the entire school community workship as they sing and play a variety of instruments to provide music for school and Sunday liturgies.


    Yearbook Committee

    The yearbook committee is open to Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students. Students work to design and edit the school yearbook. Students meet after school to complete yearbook tasks.



    CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) is open to students in grades K-8 who wish to participate in Track and Field, Cross Country, Basketball and Volleyball.  CYO is run through the St. Patrick Parish Office.