• Saint Patrick School provides my children with high quality education which emphasizes both academics and an appreciation for the arts. The teachers are highly engaged, make learning a priority, and consistently find ways to create fun experiences for students.

    Melanie, 6th/2nd grade mom

    Saint Patrick School has demonstrated their commitment to my child’s future academic and personal growth. The education and reinforcement of Math, Reading, and writing skills, in addition, the curriculum in Spanish, Science, Music, and Art are allowing her to explore her interests in these offerings (has given her the foundation to apply herself in all other class subjects)

    Steve, 5th grade dad

     Saint Patrick School offers strong academics, a stellar music program, including a K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 musical, small group learning, CYO sports, and close, family community.

    Pedro, TK/4th Dad

     Community Support, Student Family Involvement, Pride in St. Patrick School, Welcoming Staff and Leadership, Father Larry’s connections to students

    Darling, TK Mom

     My child will be known at Saint Patrick School. She is not a number or just a “student”, she is a piece of a whole that is challenged to reach her potential.

    Jessica, TK Mom

     I truly enjoy the Religious education that Jack is getting at a level that he can and does comprehend.

    Albert, 3rd Dad

     I value a Catholic Education because of the diversity of the curriculum and environment it represents on an individual and family/community basis.

    Middle School Mom

     Saint Patrick School has given my children a strong academic, artistic, and spiritual foundation. Saint Patrick School provides a nurturing environment that fosters success. My 3 children have found an amazing home at Saint Patrick School. It has been a wonderful experience watching them grow.

    Maxine Oh – 3rd, 7th, Alumni

     Over the years I have seen St. Patrick School grow and develop as a place for education. The academic programs have been updated based on different trends and many teachers have been a great match to the curriculum. With the support and opportunities we have at Saint Patrick School, we have seen our kids foster their interests in all subjects.

    3rd & 6th grade Mom